Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First Day Back At Work


Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh!!

Lovely as it was to see everyone at work today it was not easy being back after more than 2 weeks off.

Poor me ;-)

This IM from Debs' just about summed it up

Debs: Seriously... what do I do? when can I go home?

Ha ha!!

I also made the mistake of braving the scale this morning after a solid two weeks of my mothers cooking plus Christmas indulgence and I've put on about 2lbs. Not bad really, I think I typically put on more, but it didn't help that I accidentally pulled out the most snug pair of jeans I own this morning while rushing to get ready for work. When I'm at my normal weight they are my favourite pair since the waistband and bum doesn't grow after a few hours wear and I don't have to worry about a belt, unfortunately for me today the waistband and bum didn't grow so I was squeezed into the damn things the whole day. I felt like a big denim sausage.

I took things fairly easy today, but tomorrow work starts again for real!! I think I got a little *too* used to be a lady of leisure!!


Kitty said...

Happy 2012, Fish!
I'll have to catch up on you when I''m less sleepy. I hope you eased back into work all right. It's tough isn't it? One friend doesn't like to vacation b/c she doesn't like that feeling of getting back into it again.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Happy 2012 Kitty!! I don't think I could be like your friend and not vacation. Besides it's really just January where I struggle the most and everyone else is in the same boat, so it's kind of nice. We are all having lunch breaks together and being more social than we usually have time for.