Sunday, 1 January 2012

The Best Way To Bring In 2012

I still need to put my arms out for balance though, I don't know why I hold them in like that, although if it works...!!

Today was a great day, I caught two waves all by myself whoo hoo, this is quite an achievement - pats self on back - as previously I've always needed an instructor to give me a 'push-in' to gain the necessary speed to catch the wave. Of course even though I caught them I immediately fell off them when I tried to pop up and ride them, but still...progress!!

Megan also had a great day despite serious trepidations about surfing in cold weather - she's only ever surfed in Hawaii, Bali, Costa Rica and New York in the summer, so this was her first time wearing a wetsuit, booties and gloves and while she did find all the gear heavy - one of the instructors mentioned that the gear typically adds a good 30lbs once the suit is filled with the necessary layer of water. Maybe for a 200lb man, but 30lbs is a quarter of my body weight so I think I would have noticed if I was hefting that much of an extra load - she had a great time.

Here's to a LOT more surfing in 2012!!


Amel said...

WOOOOHHOOOOO for catching two waves all by yourself!!!! GO, GIRL! Looking good there even though your arms are like that he he...

Here's to a fun year ahead! :-D

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Thanks Amel, happy 2012 to you!!