Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Having A Good Day

Admittedly it is only 8.22am, so there's still time for the shit to hit the fan, but for now I am enjoying the moment.

The reason for my good humour is that finally....

...I slept!!!

A solid 6.5hours too!!

It feels so good to have shrugged off the insomnia, at least temporarily.

Imagine...some people feel as good as this ALL THE TIME!!!

The lucky B's!!!

Yesterday I also interviewed someone I really liked for the vacant position in my team. I really hope she accepts!! My team are so overworked at the moment covering all the extra work and I am mega stressed out making sure everything is sorted before my vacation. We really need someone good who can just jump in a get started. I had the guys on my team interview her too and my boss, Ryan, and they all loved her, so I want to snap her up before someone else does.

Fingers crossed!!!


Kitty said...

Awesome. I hope it works out with this prospect!!

Thanks too for pointing out my error with the Target ad. I was seduced by the color, though it's probably the wrong Pantone number!

Have a good one dear!

Amel said...

HURRAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH for a good sleep!!! :-D Hope it happens more and more often! :-D

And crossing my fingers for that person so that she'll join your team! :-D