Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Too Much Commiserating, Celebrating & Consorting

Ugh, I've had way too many false starts on my plan to achieve optimal hydration by not drinking before I go to Peru. I need to start hibernating because socially it is not so easy as you'd least not for someone with willpower as feeble as mine.

...First there were all leaving parties for colleagues moving on to new roles, then came the OK Cupid dates where the social grease of alcohol was more often than not a necessity if the dates were going to last more than 30minutes and not be filled with awkward pauses and finally came the celebrations: last night's baby shower for the Big Cheese's and his wife - and who am I to turn down a glass or 3 of delicious and complementary Pedro Ximenez white wine, especially when it's a celebration for the my boss's boss, it could have been career sabotaging to say no; Debs' low key hen party celebrations - she got married in Vegas this past weekend, Elvis was naturally in attendance; the omigod-Debs-got-married post-nuptial congratulatory soiree and then next week's "we got an amazing review from our client, let's have cocktails, because we can't top this so it's all downhill from here" celebration!!

Aaaaaaeeeeeiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Make it stop!!

Admittedly I was feeling slightly worse for wear this morning and by 11.45am I'd eaten a fig and hazelnut scone from Amy's Bread, a small egg white frittata with a small side of home fries from the cafeteria, the ham and Roquefort roll that I made at home this morning and a grande skim latte. Oh dear!!

Who ate all the pies!!

Okay this is it!! For the next two weeks I am an alcohol free zone.


No, honestly I'm not going to be drinking!! It's going to be all soda water and lime for me from here on out.


Kitty said...

ha, it is all too easy to escape with alcohol.

We went to Luger's last night and I had two G+T's on an empty stomach, talked much too much and came home to call the woman across the hall by the wrong name (!)

cheers, fish!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Ha ha cheers Kitty :-)

Lugers eh!! Lucky you!!