Thursday, 5 August 2010

Need. Bouncy. Songs!!

I am so so so so so very tired today. Not only did I not get myself off to bed early enough, but I didn't sleep so well either and woke at 5.30am. Damn humidity. New York is back to summer soupiness after a few days respite. Now you see this is usually where a glass of wine or 3 starts to seem like a marvellous idea, because no matter how hot it is outside a few glasses of wine will knock me right out and I'll sleep for a solid 6 or 7hours.


Unfortunately I'm not so partial to feeling slightly hungover in work the next day, it does absolutely nothing for my productivity, but then insomnia doesn't help much either. Getting through today is going to be all about the coffee and bouncy, high energy songs. A glimpse at the Creative Cutie playing ping pong would help too. I haven't seen him this week, but his buddies have been down to play twice a day some days.

Anyway Bubbles by Biffy Clyro is one of the songs that perks me up a little on days like today. Enjoy!!

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