Friday, 26 August 2011

Irene Schmirene

The media is quite excited by the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene, but I've not seen any of my colleagues muster anything more than a shrug, although the city does seem to be taking it incredibly seriously. All subway, rail and bus services are being suspended at noon tomorrow, which is having a knock on effect on local businesses and services having to close since their employees won't be able to get home and Fairway grocery store just tweeted that they are likely to be closed tomorrow and encouraged people to shop today. Hmmmm!!

The more I read online the more nervous I get about the windows being blown in and I must have checked the evacuation zone map 5 times already despite the fact that it doesn't change and my apartment is multiple blocks away from even a green evacuation zone and is highly unlikely to experience any flooding as a result of storm surges, but still...

Okay enough anxiety...I'm disconnecting myself from Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Oh great, now I'm reading that a San Diego beach was evacuated after a possible large shark sighting. There go the surf lessons!! "Oh shit," was Megan's response, "but if it's your time, it's your time. At least it would be cool to be eaten by a shark."

Um...I bloody beg to differ, it would NOT be in the least bit cool to be eaten by a shark!!

Megan: if it's our time to be eaten by shark or blown away by hurricane, it's our time to go.

Me: Yeah I suppose, but I think it's been close to 2years since I've gotten any, I can't die re-virginized. Let's go see who's left on the creative floor. The gorgeous grey haired bloke you like was here earlier, you could try him ;)

Megan: haha!

P.S. Just heard of a tweet that the CVS pharmacy on 42nd and 10th Avenue is out of paper products. Loo roll hoarders abound!!!


Kitty said...


I have so much to catch up on with you!

The thing about the maps are they show flooding zones. So we in the grey areas might not be flooded but we'll still suffer flying trash can lids and air conditioners.

hope it all blows through quick, fish!!

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Flying debris is my biggest concern, especially as they digging a massive hole for the 2nd Avenue subway at the end of my street and there are lots of construction materials about.

Stay safe!!