Saturday, 6 August 2011

Southern California Interlude

So a few days ago I returned from my very first trip away on my lonesome and, to coin a popular American adjective, it was AWESOME. I was in Santa Monica for three days and then headed to Vegas for a 3 day stay at the Venetian where I Pilate'd and pampered at the Canyon Ranch health club and swam laps in the early mornings before the pool got crazy and then replenished the calories I'd burnt at Bouchon!!! It was sooooooo good!!

The original impetus for the trip was to attend my friend Megan's wedding, which was to take place in LA on July 29th, and I had made plans with our friend Emma to attend the wedding and then drive to Vegas for a couple of days after wards, however about 3-months before the big day - and about 3 weeks after Emma and I had booked my flights into LAX and out of McCarren - Megan called off the wedding after realising that she and her fiance weren't even close to being on the same page when it came to marriage and children. I think enough was enough when he told her he'd always put his career first*. I dithered for a couple of weeks about what to do, but since I would struggle to use the vacation time I'd already accounted for I decided that as long as Megan was okay with it I would go to LA and Vegas anyway. I relayed my intentions to Emma who ummed and ahhed a bit about whether she wanted to go forward with the trip and to be honest I could tell she wasn't totally into it, having just met a new guy after the break up of her 5 year relationship with John and if I'm completely honest Emma wasn't my favourite person of late being somewhat self absorbed, although I'd been trying to give her a break owing to the demise of her long term relationship, but when she insensitively asked Megan if she'd been influenced to call off her wedding because of Emma's recent break up with John I realised there was a good chance I'd struggle to spend 6 days in her company and gave us both an out by telling her I was more than happy to go alone.

Anyway I have to say I had a lovely ol' time in Santa Monica on my lonesome, it all went much better than I expected, although I think having a surf lesson booked every morning was a good move on my part as it took up a solid 3 hours of my day. I loved the lessons, although to be honest...Pacific Ocean 3, Fish 0!! Seriously I got my arse kicked, although apparently the waves were much rougher than they normally would be at which is very much a beginners beach - unless that's just something my instructor said to make me feel better - and I got tossed from the board a lot, although the positive to that was that I felt very light and skinny ha ha. It helped a lot that my surf instructor, Dane, was a strong 22year old, long haired, classic rock loving Australian who'd worked as a life guard at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and started surfing when he was 4. I had no doubt that if I were to get into difficulties he'd pluck me off the ocean floor by the scruff of my wetsuit no problem. Fortunately no such occasion arose and I got hooked. I've already booked myself a few more lessons when I am in San Diego in September and a lesson in the Far Rockaways next week. Eeek!!

*What a big eejit!!


Amel said...

GLAD to know you've had fun there on your lonesome. :-D Any photooosss??? Surfing? WOW...must've been tough. I'm afraid of deep waters (not a good swimmer) he he he...

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Amel,

It's terrible I know, but I didn't take a single photo, although it would have just been shots of me falling backwards into the ocean anyway. Getting up on the board was less of a problem than staying on the board. It was a lot of fun though.

Kitty said...

hey that sounds great! Good for you for taking advantage of the trip.

A female friend of mine also got hooked on surfing and did it somewhere up here. It's doable but so much colder. It is such great exercise and much harder than it looks.

fishwithoutbicycle said...

Hi Kitty,

Yes you can surf in the Far Rockaways. I was out there this afternoon checking it out and there's quite a scene. Apparently the surf there is good for beginners, so I am planning to take a few lessons here and then again in San Diego when I am there in early September. It's a lot of fun, I highly recommend it.