Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Okay so I know it's a long range forecast...

...and that it's about as accurate as the weather forecast, but still I was pretty impressed when I saw the estimated swell height for Rockaway Beach on Sunday at noon per the chart below.

19 feet!!!

19 feet!!! Can you imagine? That's Hurricane Irene for you. Seriously if we expect to even come close to waves that large I'm expecting some poor bugger from the news to be dispatched out to the beach to report from the scene. I think it was barely 1.5feet when I was there last Saturday. I keep checking the forecast as I had been hoping to take another lesson this weekend to get in a bit more practice before my lessons in San Diego* next week, but even on Saturday they are forecasting 7 footers, too much for this novice, but I'm tempted to take the train out there to watch other people try.

*My father, who has the physique of a heavier George Costanza, plans to join me for a surf lesson or two in San Diego. I was kind of joking when I suggested it, so I am a bit surprised he's actually up for it, but good for him. I just hope he has medical insurance.

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