Thursday, 11 August 2011

Some people have real problems...

...but I'm going to complain anyway.

Ugh I felt like a total disaster this morning. I had to head directly to a client meeting downtown for a 2 hour discussion of marketing mix modeling - joy of my existence - and it did not help that I spent a good 10 minutes scrambling around trying to find my glasses - unsuccessfully!! I was so frustrated I almost cried, not that impending woman's week is making me overly emotional or anything.
Fortunately the presentation was projected on a massive screen and I got myself a plum spot right at the front, so I didn't have to squint too much. I was hoping to find my glasses on my desk when I got to the office, but it was not to be!! Harumph!! Maybe I'll find them under a cushion when I get home tonight.

The day has improved a bit anyway and I was feeling good about managing to graduate to using the 15lb weights on the chest flies at total body conditioning last night. Yay!! I'm trying to up the fat burning quotient a bit further over the next few weeks as I am still somewhat hopeful of feeling good about wearing a bikini when I am in San Diego in a few short weeks, especially as I just ordered a new retro polka dot one from that was on sale. I was 112lbs the last time I confidently bikini'd; I'm 117lbs now with a bit more of a belly pooch than I would like, but you never know, maybe I'll manage to lose 5lbs in the next 3 weeks. #Fatchance.

Cute eh*!!

*Although admittedly I am somewhat concerned about the size of those pants since they look rather large don't they, although I admit I sometimes hanker for the days when swimwear like this was de rigeur!!

P.S. A guy who was recommended to me as an OKCupid match by their algorithm has the handle "Meat[NAME]4Fun." I am not sure what to make of that, did he intend to write "meet", in which case he is a terrible speller or did he actually mean to write "meat"?? In which case...ooer, is that some modern sexual practice I am not versed in that the kids are all doing these days?

Megan thinks I should message him to find out more. Not bloody likely!! Anyway time for Pilates!!

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