Sunday, 28 August 2011

Well it's raining...

....a lot!! But other than hearing it lash against the window it's been a pretty mild hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression experience for me personally. I'm slightly disappointed not to have heard more howling winds outside.

I looked out of my window at 7.15am this morning and do you see that orange thing between the cars? The restaurant down the street had 4 of them weighting down the door to their cellar, so it must have been blown down the street during the night, but that seems to be the extent of the damage on my street, so all in all pretty tame thank goodness.

All I'm seeing from friends' postings on Facebook so far are reports of leaks and sleepless nights, but nothing more.

The eye of the storm is supposed to be passing over us right now so I'm sure as the morning progresses I'll hear reports of downed trees and power lines, but fingers crossed no casualties.

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